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Chateau Angelus
The estate's name derives from a particularly ancient plot of vineyard, from which the men tending the vines were able to hear the angelus ringing out from all three of the village churches.
Chateau Cantenac
Family estate. Information on wines and photo section.
Chateau Cheval Blanc
One of only two Premier Grand Cru Classe "A" estates in the region. Includes tasting notes, history, owner profiles, and an estate overview.
Chateau Dassault
The vineyards are situated on the north slope of Saint-Emilion and produce, on average, 80,000 bottles per annum.
Chateau de Ferrand
This estate offers mature wines (5 years). Contains information on vineyard and wines.
Chateau Faugères
The estate has been in the family of Péby Guisez since 1823.
Chateau Figeac
The history of this great estate dates from the 2nd century AD.
Chateau Franc Mayne
The estate has benefited from considerable investment to meet high quality objectives and to recapture the specific local identity of wine production.
Chateau Grand Corbin-Despagne
The name Despagne has been associated with Saint Emilion for over 500 years.
Chateau Grand Mayne
Bought by the Nony family in 1934, and one of the most beautiful properties in the centre of the commune.
Chateau Guillotin
The vineyards of Chateau Guillotin were established in 1730 and have been passed down through the centuries, father to son, until the present day to Jean Michel Moritz.
Chateau Haut-Bonneau
Produces reds from the Montagne Saint-Emilion appellation. Contains an estate history, product descriptions, and ordering.
Chateau l'Arrosée
This 10 hectares estate exposes its philosophy. Located on the south slopes of Saint-Emilion.
Chateau Pipeau
Thirty hectares of vineyards in the center of Saint-Laurent-des-Combes. Contains a description of the company and their product.
Union de Producteurs de Saint-Emilion
Cooperative that allows each producer to vinify separately. Includes information about the company and the region. [Flash required]