Wine: Savvy Girl, A Guide To Wine

It’s hard to imagine a world without wine; I mean, what else would we use to help us decipher the meaning of life, cope with dating mishaps, or get through an episode of The Bachelor? But do you know what makes great wine better than good wine? Or why one Chardonnay can taste totally different from another Chardonnay? How about why restaurants put us through the whole wine-pouring ritual? Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine leaves out the boring details and gets straight to what you really want to know about wine: how to taste, talk about, buy, and enjoy it. We know that you don’t need to be an expert on wine, you just want to be savvy. So get this five-hour read, get savvy, and then get back to your fabulous life.
Sale Price:$19.99

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How to Host a Wine Tasting Party: The Complete Kit

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just a wine lover who loves to throw a party, this complete kit is for you. Dan Amatuzzi’s How to Host a Wine Tasting Party contains everything you’ll need to host a wine tasting in your own home. A wine-tasting party is fun and educational for everyone from novices to sophisticated wine drinkers. Within this all-inclusive kit are the elements to be a terrific host—including wineglass markers, wine bottle covers, tasting notepads, a wine-aroma wheel, a wine-and-cheese wheel, and an entertaining and informative book that introduces you to the ins and outs of wine in a comfortable, festive, social setting—your own home.So grab some glasses, start pouring, and let’s have a party!Includes all the wine-tasting party essentials:-80-page book with full-color photography-Wine-aroma wheel-Wine-and-cheese wheel-Four numbered tags for wine bottles-Four reusable cloth wine bottle covers-Four tasting
Sale Price:$29.99

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Fearless Critic Blind Wine Tasting Set: Includes 3 ISO-Certified Wine Tasting Glasses 12cl, 50 Blind Wine Tasting Forms, and a Hardcover Copy of Blind Taste

The Fearless Critic Blind Wine Tasting Set includes everything you need to see through the pseudoscience and snobbery of wine experts and learn your own palate. This elegantly packaged box set, a perfect gift for any wine lover, includes three 155mm, 12cl ISO-standard glasses—the same ones used in blind tasting competitions by wine judges around the world—along with a set of 50 tasting forms, and a hardcover copy of Robin Goldstein’s provocative new book, Blind Taste: A Sensory Manifesto, the sequel to his controversial bestseller, The Wine Trials, which turned the wine world upside down by proving that even wine experts couldn’t distinguish cheap wines from expensive wines when the labels were concealed. Blind Taste will teach you everything you need to know about how the brain experiences tastes and smells—and why you should trust your own palate instead of following the opinions of wine experts—and the Blind Wine Tasting Set provides all the tools you need to put the
Sale Price:$39.95

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Wine Tasting Uncorked: Guided Tasting Courses and Tips

Host your own wine tasting session using these tips and techniques for tasting, describing, and enjoying various kinds of wines. Inside you’ll find: – Nine step-by-step wine tasting lessons covering varying styles and grape varieties- A detailed glossary of wine-tasting terms- Advice for paring wine and food- Descriptions of various red and white grapes (and tips for distinguishing them)- A list of tools you need or hosting your own
Sale Price:$14.99

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Got Vape

Americans are primary consumers of vaporizers as shown in the infographic below.



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Kevin Zraly’s Complete Wine Course

Let’s pop a cork and toast America’s very best, most popular wine course–now in a revised edition with new material that wine lovers will savor. This is Kevin’s 40th year in the wine business, and to celebrate, he has updated all the material on vineyards in Austria, Hungary, Greece, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina. Plus, he completely refreshed the tasting section with flavor profiles that also discuss winemaking; created a new Best of the Best chapter; and included more than 20 smart phone tags throughout the book that link to videos of Kevin talking about wine. As always, the book offers Wine Basics, Tasting Wine, Matching Wine and Food, Frequently Asked Questions About Wine, and a Selected Glossary. Zraly goes region-by-region, with the wines organized from simple to complex–allowing readers who follow Kevin’s order to experience the finest wines and a wide diversity of tastes, styles, regions, and countries. More than ever, this is clearly the wine guide
Sale Price:$27.95

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Wine Tasting (MusicCooks: Recipe Cards/Music CD), Small Plates for Wine, The Tim Ware Band (Sharon O’Connor’s MusicCooks)

Favorite recipes for wine tasting parties and casual dinners. Each wine-friendly dish has a food photo, cooks tips, shopping and pantry list. The music of the Tim Ware Band carries you off to the wine country with a blend of bluegrass, classical, folk, and country. Wine Tasting is 3rd in Sharon OConnors MusicCooks
Sale Price:$26.00

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The Sommelier Prep Course: An Introduction to the Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the World

A comprehensive, must-have guide to beverage service including wine, beer, and spiritsThe Sommelier Prep Course is the ultimate resource for any aspiring sommelier, bartender, or serious wine lover. It includes sections on viniculture and viticulture, Old World and New World wines, beer and other fermented beverages, and all varieties of spirits. Review questions, key terms, a pronunciation guide, maps, and even sample wine labels provide invaluable test prep information for acing the major sommelier certification exams.For each type of beverage, author Michael Gibson covers the essential history, manufacturing information, varieties available, and tasting and pairing information. He also includes sections on service, storage, and wine list preparation for a full understanding of every aspect of beverage service.•    An ideal test prep resource for anyone studying for certification by The Court of Master Sommeliers, The Society of Wine Educators, or The International Sommelier
Sale Price:$35.00

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The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes

It’s a great time to be a beer drinker, but also the most confusing, thanks to the dizzying array of available draft beers. Expert Joshua M. Bernstein comes to the rescue with The Complete Beer Course, demystifying brews and breaking down the elements that make beer’s flavor spin into distinctively different and delicious directions. Structured around a series of easy-to-follow classes, his course hops from lagers and pilsners to hazy wheat beers, Belgian-style abbey and Trappist ales, aromatic pale ales and bitter IPAs, roasty stouts, barrel-aged brews, belly-warming barley wines, and mouth-puckering sour ales. There is even a class on international beer styles and another on pairing beer with food and starting your own beer cellar. Through suggested, targeted tastings, you’ll learn when to drink down-and when to dump those beers down a
Sale Price:$24.95

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Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: New, Updated Edition (Kevin Zraly’s Complete Wine Course)

“Kevin Zraly is the finest wine educator I have known.” —Robert ParkerLet’s pop a cork and toast America’s very best, most popular wine course—now in a revised edition that wine lovers will savor. Kevin Zraly’s bestselling course now features a refreshed tasting section with flavor profiles; a “Best of the Best” chapter with links to 20 smartphone tags; an audio pronunciation guide, and updated labels, vintages, statistics, and more invaluable information. As always, the book covers all the basics, and Zraly’s region-by-region organization points readers to the finest wines and a diversity of tastes, styles, and regions. More than ever, this is the wine guide against which all others are
Sale Price:$27.95

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